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Yuen Method® is a powerful and revolutionary energetic technique created by Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shaolin Grand Master, aerospace engineer, and doctor of chiropractic. It is a result of his lifelong study and in-depth experience in these areas, along with his extensive knowledge in numerous martial arts disciplines, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy. Yuen Method® is a fast and comprehensive, non-touch energetic technique that can be done remotely. It delivers instant results by resolving causal influences from the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual levels.

photos courtesy of Dr. Kam Yuen

Yuen Method® views the body as a bio-computer that can be reprogrammed, and files that no longer serve us can be deleted.

We are either "on" or "off" to any given problem/issue. In other words, our energy is either strong or weak to that problem/issue. Symptoms, in general, are manifestations of inner conflict or imbalance on any level. Physical symptoms are often the manifestations of unresolved problems/issues in the non-physical (mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual) levels. Yuen Method® works at the quantum level where everything is energy. Yuen Method® practitioners intuitively find the reasons, causes, and sources of our energy weaknesses. Once identified, by means of a directed thought, the reasons, causes, and sources can be reprogrammed or deleted, resulting in immediate energy shifts, creating balance in our body/mind/spirit, and aligning us toward our greatest potential.


• shift your negative thoughts, emotions, reactions, and behaviors, and delete their cumulative effects

• free you from the effects of negative life experiences and memories that trigger unproductive responses

• eliminate your unknown limitations, blocks, and resistance to success

• give you the power of neutrality so that you are in greater control and nothing can bother you

• align you to abundance (of any kind)

• reduce your physical pain

• reduce your stress and anxiety

• allow you to truly let go of the past

• balance your body/mind/spirit so that you have an inner sense of calmness and peace

• put you on a path of wellness – health, fitness, relationships, less aging, career and purpose, finances, achievement and fulfillment

• empower you to create your ideal life

You will gain the power and freedom to move forward with energetic strength, neutrality, self-acceptance, and more certainty when faced with any challenge.

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