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Imagine what your life would look like if you knew you were supported in all the decisions you make and the actions you take. If you knew you were supported not only by outside sources but most importantly from a place deep within yourself, your highest self. Imagine how your life would change and improve if the goals you set were effortlessly realized. Imagine a life where the decisions you make lead you to inspired action, and every action you take manifests into a desired result.

Wouldn’t you feel


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The energy behind all of your thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions contributes to the life you experience. And, it's your INSIGHT, your profound clarity, that will lead you to your success.

My Living An Insightful Life 3-Month Energetic Coaching Program is a system for personal transformation that will show you how to tap into your own creative power for answers and guidance. It uses regularly scheduled support to keep you on track with your goals and desired results.

It utilizes a process of actively connecting supportive energy with all that you wish to be, have, achieve, and experience in life in order to maximize your potential for success. And, it shows you a way of creating inner peace so that achieving your goals will occur more quickly and easily.

If you’re new to my site, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Diane, and working with energetics and with ambitious people like you is what I love.

Before going all-in on energetics, I climbed the corporate ladder pursuing my art/design dream job. Having worked for two of the most prominent entertainment companies in the world, I met amazingly talented people and learned a lot. But as my interest in the the corporate design world was slowly tapering off, I started to gain enormous clarity on what was becoming a far more appropriate path for me.

In 2005, my personal “health” concerns brought me to a Yuen Method® Energetics weekend workshop, where I had the privilege of experiencing one of the easiest and most empowering energetic techniques. During the workshop, I witnessed amazing healings, like a student improving his eyesight in minutes, as well as another student who was a lifelong victim of horrific mental and physical trauma completely shift her demeanor to joy and laughter.

I left the workshop so incredibly inspired by what I experienced that I pursued certification and became a Yuen Method® Energetics Master Practitioner. And, in my quest to introduce energetics as a way of life to others, I also became a Certified Life Coach.

My new coaching program is designed to bring you the best of both worlds, to fast-track your desired results/goals in any area of your life.

diane kai

Living An Insightful Life

3-Month Energetic Coaching Program

will help you to:

        Understand, activate, and trust your innate intelligence and inner guidance

        Tap into the truth about yourself, any person, or any situation

        Align your energy with that which you wish to be, have, or achieve

        Have more confidence/certainty in setting, tracking, and achieving your goals

And ultimately,

        Create a sense of calmness and inner peace allowing for more insight and greater fulfillment, leaving you feeling more connected to everyone and everything around you

You will experience and learn how to:

        Build a foundation of energetic strength for all that you think, do, and say

        Uncover and remove your hidden blocks      

        Reduce stress and anxiety

        Create supportive energy

        Tap into your natural motivation and create momentum so you don’t need to psyche yourself up when faced with a task

        Avoid burn out because when you’re strong for what you do, you have internal energetic support, and there is no struggle

        Dial down the mind chatter, getting your mind working for you rather than against you

        Process and eliminate unproductive thinking and emotions

        Find your validation from within with more self-acceptance, self-love, and non-judgment

Plus, a whole lot more.

This is your opportunity to bring lasting change and improvement to any area of your life - health, relationships, career, finances, and more. This program provides you with simple, practical tools to help you succeed. You will gain more confidence and certainty for your future, and the positive outcomes you desire.

Growth and transformation occur from being at a place of inner peace, where your energy aligns with all that you wish to experience and achieve.

Your awareness of your innate intelligence and innate abilities is just the beginning.

Are you ready for a new, insightful life? It’s easier than you think.

Here's What You Get


Three 60-minute sessions per month for three months,

occurring the first three weeks of the month on a designated, consistent day.


Because you are unique and ever-changing, each session addresses where you are in the moment - your situation, goals, and needs. During each session, you will experience quick and effortless energy shifts, perceiving improvements on-the-spot, especially in how you think and how you feel, both physically and emotionally. These sessions will be informative, instructional, inspiring, and insightful. We will also track your progress throughout the program to ensure that we both meet your needs.


These weekly energy check-ins, applied by me, are additional energetic support for the duration of the program. Think of them as personalized energy boosters. They are performed remotely (outside of your 1-on-1 sessions) to ensure your energetic strength, alignment, and support for your goals, pertaining to what your weekly session covered. Plus, you will receive general energetic strengthening to keep you consistently strong and tuned in.



Your personalized digital Companion Book is a place for you to prep for your sessions, jot down your takeaways from each session, and provides reference for some of the exercises and information that we’ll cover during our time together.


How to feel strong and weak energy

How to simplify your thinking for greater clarity

Breathing techniques for stress reduction

And much more.


Ask me anything, at any time, and feel free to reach out as often as you like. You will be on my priority list and will receive expedited responses. My turnaround time is within 48 hours.

Here's What You Get

Frequently Asked Questions

        How is energetic coaching different or better than traditional coaching?

Traditional coaching offers you guidance and techniques for setting, planning, tracking, and achieving your goals with a focus on accountability and developing a proper mindset for success. The processes are often homework intensive and time-consuming, with mindset often being the most difficult to affect.

By contrast, my energetic coaching program helps you reach your goals without the lengthy processes and tedious homework. I use energetic shifts that can instantly change your mindset. These shifts also align supportive energy with what you wish to achieve, creating motivation and momentum naturally.

I will not only be your guide and advocate for this program, but I will also read your energy and the energy around your situation to help you identify your best action plan. I will provide you with insights into your situation that may have eluded you. And, I will energetically remove causes of your stress, anxiety, and struggle with no effort on your part.

To affect change in your life, you first need to know whether your energy supports it. If your energy doesn't support change, then you need to shift it. I will do this for you, and I will empower you to do it for yourself. This reading and shifting of energy are the magical components that traditional coaching lacks, but you will get to fully experience and learn in my unique, energetic coaching program.

With my guidance, you will be able to envision the life you wish to experience with greater insight and clarity. And, you will be empowered to actively participate in its creation with ease and grace. 

        Do I need any specific knowledge or skills to join this program?

This program requires no specific knowledge or skills. I only ask that you are committed and open to improvement and change, as well as consistently show up at your scheduled sessions day/time.

        Is this program for me?

This program is for anyone who may be experiencing challenges or crises of any magnitude. It’s for those who may be having difficulty in trusting their decision-making and would like more confidence and certainty in their goals and positive outcomes. It’s for anyone seeking more clarity in any area of their life. And it's for anyone who desires a more insightful, fulfilling life.

If you are a busy individual who has tried other programs and found them so time-consuming that you just gave up, or if you found their volumes of content overwhelming, then rest assured, my Living an Insightful Life 3-Month Energetic Coaching Program is the answer. It’s weekly, it’s palatable, it’s transformative, and it’s fun.

So, if you’re looking for consistent guidance and support, and are willing to try a different, unique approach to life, then this program is for you.

        Do I have to go anywhere for my sessions?

You don’t have to go anywhere. All sessions are by phone from the comfort and security of your own home, or anyplace you can comfortably take a 60-minute call. However, I do suggest a private, quiet location where you can speak (and tune into energy) freely. For long distance, international calls, I use WhatsApp or Zoom to keep costs down.


I’m here to tell you that you have the innate wisdom to always know what’s right for you. And you have the innate ability to navigate and thrive no matter your circumstance. You can awaken your inner power by consistently tuning into your energy, to insightfully create a life you’ll love living.

Let me show you how.


PRICE:  $5000 USD






• Within 48 hours after making your purchase, you will receive an email from me to schedule an Introductory Call.

• Your digital Companion Book will arrive by email prior to your first scheduled session.

• Sessions are by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

• You are required to sign a Consent form and return it by email prior to your first scheduled session. View Consent form.

• Please review Disclaimer and Terms/Conditions.

Insight comes from

an intuitive,

deep understanding,

not from more thinking.

When your insight is strong, you intuitively know the appropriate steps to take for resolving any challenge or achieving any goal.


Diane Kai

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