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I'll show you how!

Hi, I'm Diane

I want you to know how powerful you really are.

We all have the innate ability to create the lives of our dreams. And, by the effortless shifting of our energy, we can make positive changes that align us with our infinite potential and our best lives. I learned how to do it. I benefit from it every single day, and so can you.

As a Certified Yuen Method® Energetics Master Practitioner and Certified Life Coach, my mission is to share my knowledge and skills

to help others improve their lives.

When you change your energy, you change your life.

diane kai
About Me
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I believe that we are all here to experience, learn, and connect with one another

so we can create & live our best lives. I want to support you on your journey. 


"I was severely grieving my 15-year old kitty who passed away. After one session with Diane, I immediately felt more calm and peaceful. I still miss my kitty, but now when I think about her I don't feel sad. Instead I just feel love for her."

- MK

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